Your Next Investment Provides the Right to Apply for a Portuguese Golden Visa

Why Lisbon?

Considered one of the world’s most attractive cities to live and invest in, Lisbon has been named the ‘Best City Break Destination’ by the World Travel Awards for three years in a row since 2017. Host to the largest technology conference in the world, Web Summit, since 2016, the city will see an additional €2bn being added to the economy over the next decade. Offering many incentives and opportunities for entrepreneurs, Lisbon is also widely known for its unbeatable quality of life.


  • Ease of doing business for start-ups 
  • High Quality of Life & Low Prices = Happy Retirement
  • Remote work is here to stay 
  • Express route to European citizenship

Why invest in Next Capital Fund?

Huge potential for capital gain. Prices are rising in Lisbon, yet well-located properties still have enormous potential for capital gain. When compared to values in other major European capitals, the average price per sqm in Lisbon is still low, especially considering the continued public and private investment pouring into everything from infrastructure to businesses. With tourism having risen by over 50% between 2012 and 2019, the demand for short and long-term rentals keeps rising, with major new business centres being added to the city.

Portugese Golden Visa Program 

One of the most attractive programs in the world with a five-year investment-based Residency program for non-EU nationals.

  • 5 years to citizenship
  • Minimum residency requirement of 7 days yearly average during 5-year period
  • Minimum Contribution

Recent developments 

▪ Current investment requirements are valid till Jan, 2022 

▪ After January 1st, 2022, changes will happen and the minimum required amount in Fund investments will be increased to €500.000. 

▪ Geographical limitations for direct real estate investments will be in force

Eligible Investments

Possibility to get residency starting from €356.000 investment only

A simple process for investing in the Fund and to become eligible for Golden Visa

  1. Client decides to invest 
  2. Client appoints a legal counsel 
  3. Client opens a personal bank account in Portugal 
  4. Client signs all the fund documents 
  5. STAG evaluates and approves the lender
  6. Client transfers money from its personal account to its fund account 
  7. STAG issues necessary statement for Golden Visa application

Interested in learning more? Contact Eddie O’Sullivan for more information.

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