Don’t Miss Piedmont Avenue’s Annual Holiday Circle of Lights!

 Don’t Miss Piedmont Avenue’s Annual Holiday Circle of Lights!

Don’t miss Piedmont Avenue’s Annual Holiday Circle of Lights (free to the public!).

Stop in at our Open House at 4099 Howe St #303, Oakland - just one block off Piedmont Ave - this Sunday, Dec. 17th, 2-4PM. This bright and sunny, top-floor 2BD/1BA condo is the perfect way to ring in the New Year. A fantastic location - peacefully nestled between the many well-known restaurants, shops, coffee houses, theaters and more of Piedmont Ave and Broadway St. Plus commuting is a breeze with BART and easily-accessed Freeways nearby.

After the open house, drive or stroll up Piedmont Ave just four blocks to the entrance of the Mountain View Cemetery - the host of the Holiday Circle of Lights for the last 12 years. There is a paved round-about with a water feature in the center. It is a lovely short walk with holiday lights and figurines circling the area. Recognized as some of the Best Christmas Lights in the East Bay!


  • Open House: Sunday, Dec. 17th from 2-4PM - 4099 Howe St #303 (One Block Off Piedmont Ave.)
  • Piedmont Avenue's Holiday Circle of Lights - Daily through Jan 1st from 5-9PM.

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